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Wave Features

The precise, real-time Wave electromagnetic articulograph speech research system is a non-line-of-sight motion capture system specifically designed for tracking speech related articulatory orofacial movements and articulatory kinematics.

  • High-Speed option – allows up to 400 Hz collection rates (New)
  • Non-invasive measurement system
  • Disposable, Self-Calibrating Sensor for Wave Speech Research System
  • Subject is free to move naturally during experiment
  • Automatic compensation of head movement
  • Disposable, self-calibrating, ultra-small sensors
  • No calibration required
  • Synchronized audio
  • Real-time 3D data capture
  • Floating coordinate system
  • Integration (temporal and spatial synchronization) with optical motion capture systems (Optotrak Certus, Optotrak 3020, and 3D Investigator)

Optical Synchronization Option

As an additional option, the Wave Speech Research System can be spatially and temporally synchronized with the Optotrak Certus and 3D Investigator motion capture systems to enable greater power and flexibility within research applications. Integrating a Northern Digital Inc. motion capture system offers the following benefits:

  • Measure up to 512 data points
  • Integrate and synchronize with additional research equipment

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The following software is available for use with the Wave Speech Research System.

WaveFront Software (Included with Wave System)

  • Wavefront Speech Research Software
  • Standard with 8 and 16 channel systems
  • Real-time 3D graphical interface
  • Stores 3D data relative to reference or default origin
  • Absolute or relative measurements captured
  • Easily corrects for head movement
  • Automatically creates ASCII data files
  • Synchronizes and displays audio inputs

WaveView Software (Optional Add-on) WaveView works with WaveFront software and allows you to perform post-experiment analysis of audio and position data.

  • Wavefront Speech Research Software
  • Synchronize playback of audio and 6DOF data
  • Zoom-in on subsections of position and audio plots
  • Plot spectrogram and frequency spectrum of audio samples
  • Export and plot to various formats
  • Calculate absolute and relative velocities
  • Configure data filtering
  • Identify articulatory landmarks

Real-Time Application Development Software (Optional)

  • Provides real-time data flow for application development purposes
  • Includes client source code for use in C++
  • Allows for application development using real-time data from any of the following Northern Digital products: Wave Speech Research System, Optotrak Certus, and 3D Investigator



Technical Specifications

Simply place the Wave near your subject’s head with no need to constrain your subject.

System Performance
Static positional accuracy 0.6 mm RMS
Static angular accuracy 0.2 degrees RMS
Dynamic positional accuracy 1.5 mm RMS
Dynamic angular accuracy 0.6 degrees RMS
Number of sensors tracked simultaneously 8 – using 8 channel system; 16 – with extension package
Sample Frequency up to 400 Hz (New)
Field Generator
Measurement Volume  wave-volume
Dimensions (H x W x D) 200 mm x 200 mm x 80 mm
Weight 3.2 kg
System Control Unit
Dimensions (H x W x D) 88 mm x 235 mm x 295 mm
Weight 3.4 kg
Sensor Interface Unit
Dimensions (H x W x D) 32 mm x 50 mm x 90 mm
Weight 250 g




The following options are available for use with the Wave Speech Research System.

Unique Sensors in Variable Styles
Different sensors are available to meet the unique needs of each application. Features of the various sensor options include:

  • Low cost
  • Ultra small
  • Disposable
  • High accuracy
  • Self-calibrating
  • Ideal for tongue tracking
  • Track up to 16 sensors simultaneously


  • Ideal for tracking 3D locations and angular measurements of points of interest
  • Ultra-small 3 mm square
  • Reports x,y,z location in real-time
  • Reports roll and pitch in real-time

Reference Sensor

  • Ideal for creating local coordinate systems or local reference points
  • Ultra-small; uses two 3 mm sensors
  • Corrects for head movement
  • Reports x,y,z location of in real-time
  • Reports roll, pitch and yaw in real-time

Palate Probe (Optional)
Using the Palate Probe, researchers can measure the unique palate characteristics of each subject. Features of the Palate Probe include:

  • Pre-calibrated
  • Useful for capturing palate geometry
  • Ideal for determining 3D location of discrete points of interest

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