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Kreon to Expand its Metrology Footprint with NDI Tracking Technology

Stuttgart, Germany – May 5, 2015 – Kreon Technologies, a pioneer in 3D non-contact measurement solutions, today announced it has entered into a VAR (value added reseller) distribution agreement with NDI. Under this partnership, Kreon will integrate its 3D scanner technologies with the NDI PRO CMM optical tracker to offer a portable non-contact 3D scanning solution for large volume metrology applications.

The partnership combines the respective technical expertise of Kreon Technologies and NDI.  Kreon’s Solano scanner provides non-contact, high-speed 3D scanning of multifaceted surfaces of diverse materials for rapid inspection of complex parts. Pairing this scanner with the NDI Optical Tracking System will allow Kreon’s customers to freely position the scanner relative to any work surface, big or small.  Together these products directly integrate into the customer’s workflow to maximize production outputs.  

As the industry’s leading solution for large volume optical measurement, the PRO CMM delivers measurement accuracy up to 35µm over a measurement volume up to 35m3 in a single setup.  The portable PRO CMM has a solid state design for reliable performance in harsh shop floor conditions, and seamlessly integrates with Kreon’s scanning and software solutions.

Operating together, these solutions will bring a new level of flexibility and measurement performance to 3D inspection, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and other scanning applications that require exceptional accuracy over a large measurement volume.  Customers will likewise benefit from value-added services that leverage Kreon’s unique software toolkit, including seamless software integration with all major third-party metrology software packages, as well as custom solutions for unique applications.

“Metrology tools should be adapted to the needs of the user, not the other way around.  Any time you can provide a solution that works specifically within the customer’s workflow, from anywhere on their shop floor, the customer wins,” says Thierry Rebillard, Managing Director, Kreon Technologies.  “By bringing together the Kreon Solano scanner and the NDI PRO CMM, we are providing customers with a 3D measurement solution that adds flexibility, optimizes the inspection processes, and reduces costs.”

“We’re excited to have Kreon as a VAR channel partner, and are confident the PRO CMM will make a strong addition to Kreon’s already impressive scanning solutions and application expertise,” says Jarrad Morden, Director – Measurement Sciences Division, NDI.

For more information about the Kreon optical measurement and scanning solution, please visit www.kreon3D.com

About Kreon Technologies

Founded in 1991 in Limoges, France, KREON TECHNOLOGIES is a pioneer in 3D non-contact measurement technology. Today, KREON offers complete non-contact measurement solutions for quality control, reverse engineering, surface inspection and rapid prototyping throughout the entire design and manufacturing process for industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, dental, design, etc. Kreon’s technology is also used for heritage applications. The KREON solutions help manufacturers to reduce production times to bring their products faster on the market while eliminating manufacturing errors, increasing productivity as well as product quality.  www.kreon3D.com

About NDI

NDI is a global leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced 3D measurement technology systems, with over 45,000 installations worldwide. For over 30 years, our optical measurement and electromagnetic tracking solutions have been trusted by the world’s foremost organizations and institutes in medicine, industry, simulation, and academia. From image-guided surgery to aeronautics; from manufacturing quality assurance to biomechanics research, NDI solutions are used whenever best-in-class measurement accuracy and reliability are required.  www.ndigital.com