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Door and Closure Testing

Efforts to reduce variation and improve the quality of an auto body assembly can be a very complex and difficult task. Dimensional and assembly issues such as latch/hinge alignment, flush, gap, and seal gap quality can directly contribute to squeaks, rattles, wind noise, and water leaks resulting in major customer dissatisfaction. Door and closure testing dynamics such as traveled path, lift, drop-off, speed, acceleration, vibration, and part deformation require special measurement solutions to analyze assembly variability and required closure force.

Using the PRO CMM’s Dynamic Measuring Machine capabilities, you can attach markers to a door or closure to accurately measure its kinematics at high data rates. Specific points of interest, features, or coordinates can easily be defined and reported using digitizing probes. In addition, body assembly, door side, and door dimensional measurements can be made using the same digitizing probes.

The PRO CMM system has the unique ability to measure many objects at once enabling simultaneous relative measurements to be made in real-time. For example, a door can be measured relative to the car’s chassis. Reference targets placed on the chassis form a reference system to report other data within. Data from one or more closures can then be reported relative to the defined chassis reference system. Using this dynamic referencing feature, any chassis movement or vibration occurring during testing is compensated for automatically and only the relative closure motion is measured.



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