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Part-to-CAD Inspection

Handheld measurement tools are extremely limited in capability when used to measure large parts or complex surfaces. In order to verify dimensional properties, a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is usually required. Unfortunately, conventional CMMs require special, environmentally controlled rooms. This means they are not readily accessible to the production floor: moving large assemblies, fixtures or parts for inspection purposes can be impractical, time-consuming and expensive.



Improve your shop-floor metrology results with this portable optical tracker that provides the highest accuracy and largest measurement volume of any Optical Coordinate Measuring system in its class.

A Portable CMM provides Part-to-CAD Computer-Aided Inspection right on the shop floor.

By bringing the machine to the part rather than the part to the machine, problems can be quickly solved at the source.  Operators simply use a handheld probe or 3D laser scanner to quickly measure parts while the inspection software automatically compares measured data to corresponding CAD data. Deviations from nominals and out-of-tolerance conditions are clearly displayed in real-time using colour-coded error maps and labels. Quality reports are easily customized and are automatically generated simplifying the entire inspection process. Freeform measurement for one-off inspections and guided measurement for repetitive inspection tasks are both supported resulting in a truly versatile shop floor tool.

With the PRO CMM system, operators can use the system’s unique and powerful Dynamic Part Referencing capabilities to reduce measurement errors and to enable Fixtureless Measurement, Vibration Compensation, Automatic Alignment, and Part-to-CAD Inspection.