Speech Research

Measure speech-related articulatory ororfacial movements and articulatory kinematics in real time with the Wave electromagnetic articulography speech research system. The Wave measures the position of discrete points of interest on the tongue, palate, jaw, lips, and face for researching speech coordination, speech motor development, speech motor disorders, and other speech studies.

The Wave uses advanced 3D electromagnetic tracking technology to simultaneously track up to 16 sensors in five degrees of freedom (5DOF). Movement is tracked in real time within a large 500mm cubic measurement volume (electromagnetic field). No line of sight is needed between the system and the subject to maintain accurate and reliable dimension and position tracking.

Flexible System Setup and Use


The Wave features a compact, unintimidating form factor.

The Wave features a compact, unintimidating form factor. This portable system is easily positioned using an adjustable mounting arm. Simply place the Wave near the subject’s head – there’s no need for physical restraints. The subject is free to move naturally during the experiment; the Wave can automatically compensate for head movement. The result is a high degree of freedom when conducting and participating in the study for the researcher and subject, respectively. You can expand your speech research now and in the future by integrating the Wave with the Optotrak 3D measurement system. Quick system setup, no warm-up period, and self-calibration further enhance the incredible flexibility and ease-of-use of the Wave articulography speech research system.

Safe and Ethical Speech Research

In speech research experiments, maintaining the subject’s safety is essential. The Wave is the only articulography system on the market that meets the IEEE standard for electromagnetic radiation for head and torso tracking. The system is also non-invasive, and therefore makes it easy to get ethical approval for experimental use. Sensors are disposable, and are safely attached to the subject using standard medical glue or adhesives.

Seamless Data Synchronization

Each sensor is individually tracked with accuracy and precision. These lightweight ultra-small sensors have little impact on tongue movement and/or speech production. High temporal accuracy and spatial resolution ensures the fastest and most subtle oral, extraoral, and facial movements are recorded in real time.

A sampling rate of 400Hz and drift-free tracking provides tight synchronization between 3D position data and audio inputs. Data synchronization is managed by the NDI WaveFront speech research software. Each data point within the tracking volume is displayed in a real-time graphical interface that captures absolute or relative measurements. The software stores 3D data relative to reference or default origin, and automatically creates ACSII data files. The WaveFront software removes the burden of creating custom 3D calculations, and manually managing very large data sets, allowing you to easily extract key data for analysis.


Wave Articulograph System

Measure speech-related articulatory or orfacial movements and articulatory kinematics in real time with the Wave electromagnetic articulography speech research system.

  • Wave EM Field Generator
  • System Control Unit
  • 4 Sensor Interface Unit
  • 8 Sensor Channels
  • 16 5DOF Sensors


  • 2 6DOF Reference Sensors
  • Mounting Arm
  • Audio Sync Cable
  • WaveFront Software

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