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Canada Alloy Castings Case Study (ScanTRAK Laser Scanner)

Canada Alloy Castings improves its in-process inspection rate by over 50% by using the ScanTRAK laser scanner.

FlowserveCanada-LogoCanada Alloy Castings (CAC), a Flowserve Canada company, is a world-leading producer of thick-walled pressure castings for pumps, valves, turbines, defense, and locomotive applications. Materials poured at CAC include carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex, super austenitic, and more.  CAC produces castings that range from two to 22,000 pounds, some of which are the result of reverse engineering.

ScanTRAK laser scanner in use at Canada Alloy Castings

(Image: Scanning at Canada Alloy Castings)

  • The Challenge: CAC must inspect castings with complex surfaces. However, CAC’s prior scanning system had mechanical linkages and a small measurement volume that made scanning difficult and time-consuming.
  • The Requirement: CAC needed the ability to reliably and accurately scan castings from anywhere on the foundry floor, regardless of extreme temperatures and airborne particulates.
  • The Solution: The ScanTRAK handheld 3D laser scanner features a 20m3 measurement volume and dynamic part referencing that helped CAC reduce inspection costs and improve delivery turnaround.

Learn how an in-process inspection solution based on freeform laser scanning dramatically reduced costs and increased reliable, on-time delivery for metal castings at the industry’s most versatile foundry.