NDI’s Industrial division is trusted by the world’s foremost companies in automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and many other industries to solve the most complex and challenging applications in industrial metrology and advanced manufacturing research. From reverse engineering to robotic guidance; from fixture verification to structural analysis, NDI has the technology and expertise to deliver fast, accurate and reliable measurements for increased inspection throughput, reduced costs, and improved production performance.

Our armless and beamless optical tracker, the PRO CMM, provides the best measurement accuracy of any system in its class. The ScanTRAK II 3D laser scanner and PRO CMM Dynamic Measurement Machine add non-contact scanning and dynamic motion tracking respectively, for portable part tracking, scanning and probing anywhere on the shop floor.

Industrial Products

Optical Trackers




Improve your shop-floor metrology results with this portable optical tracker that provides the highest accuracy and largest measurement volume of any system in its class. Learn more.



 Certus HD

Certus HD

Complete dynamic motion tracking and other advanced metrology applications in R&D and engineering with this accurate, real-time 6DoF optical tracker. Learn more.

Laser Scanners


With the freedom to move in any orientation, ScanTRAK II quickly creates detailed 3D models for inspection and reverse engineering. Learn more