Life Sciences

NDI’s Life Sciences Division is trusted by the world’s top research institutes and universities for tracking the most subtle of human movements with exceptional spatial and temporal accuracy. Our suite of research-grade motion capture systems provide researchers with data synchronization and real-time feedback for conducting a diverse range of interactive experiments within neuroscience, speech research, kinesiology and other biomechanics and kinematic research. For over 35 years, NDI’s advanced 3D measurement systems have provided the technical foundation for some of the most progressive research in life sciences.  Smart system features such as pre-calibration and automatic marker identification put the focus on fast, accurate data capture – not setup and post-processing. NDI solutions are used by thousands of researchers, and cited in thousands of publications, making it the gold standard in real-time motion capture technology.

Life Sciences Applications

Orthopaedics Biomechanics Neuroscience - Motor Control


Measure the positions and complex motion of joints under applied force with real-time 3D or 6DOF tracking technology. Learn more


Quantify kinematic, kinetic and EMG measurements in biomechanics research with advanced active marker technology. Learn more

Neuroscience – Motor Control

Connect movement to brain activity in real time using the gold standard in 3D measurement technology. Learn more

Speech Research

Track orofacial movements in real time with the electromagnetic articulography system that captures accurate and repeatable 3D measurements. Learn more

Life Sciences Products

Product Features Optotrak Certus 3D Investigator

Optotrak Certus

Track and analyze kinetics and dynamic motion in real-time with this powerful research-grade motion capture system that features exceptional spatial and temporal accuracy.

3D Investigator

Benefit from advanced motion capture technology with this cost-effective tracker that delivers research-grade data and maximum quality.

Marker Frequency 4600 Hz 4600 Hz
Maximum Frame Rate 4600/(n+1.3) 4600/(n+1.3)
Accuracy 0.1 mm 0.4 mm
Resolution 0.01 mm 0.01 mm
Position Sensor Dimensions 1126 mm x 200 mm x 161 mm 1126 mm x 200 mm x 161 mm
Position Sensor Weight 18 kg 18 kg
Maximum number of markers 512 150
Markers included with system 30 30
Strobers included with system 2 2
Real-time data streaming to 3rd party software included included
Integrated Eye-tracker Plug-in included included
Integrated Video Plug-in included included
Communication Protocol Ethernet, USB Ethernet, USB
Cross Platform Capability Communicates with all Optotrak Certus products. Backwards compatible with Optotrak 3020. Communicates with all 3D Investigator products.


Polaris trakSTAR


Track the 3D position of passive or active markers attached to surgical tools for simulating computer-assisted surgery within third-party imaging software. Learn more.


Achieve unobstructed motion capture for biomechanics research using real-time electromagnetic technology that tracks in six degrees of freedom. Learn more