NDI and our affiliate Ascension Technology Corporation offer exceptionally accurate and reliable electromagnetic (EM) and optical tracking technologies for customization and integration into interactive simulators, virtual reality (VR) systems, and real-time visualization systems. Our electromagnetic 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) tracking solutions (driveBAY™, trakSTAR™ and Aurora®) provide unobstructed tracking of miniaturized, lightweight sensors embedded in medical instruments, helmets and Head Mounted Displays (HMD). For simulators that require a larger tracking volume with incredibly fast update rates, our optical tracking solutions, Polaris® and spotLIGHT™, provide real-time wireless tracking of markers.

For over 35 years, NDI solutions have been trusted by the world’s leading organizations in medicine, research and manufacturing to solve the most complex and exacting of measurement tracking applications. That technology allows for the most realistic interactive simulator systems, ensuring every movement—no matter how subtle—is instantly tracked and integrated with the simulator display. The result is a simulator that delivers the highest performance for developing visual-spatial dexterity, equipment proficiency, situational awareness, and other essential skills in medicine and military training.

Simulation Products

Optical Measurement




Track the 3D position of passive or active markers attached to surgical tools for simulating computer-assisted within a simulated display. Learn more


Electromagnetic Tracking

3d Guidance Aurora

driveBAY and trakSTAR

Integrate the 3D Guidance driveBAY or trakSTAR 3D electromagnetic tracking unit into your medical or military simulation system for 3D tracking of markers with no line-of-sight requirements. Learn more


Add customizable real-time spatial measurement technology to your simulation system to deliver realistic surgical navigation or weapons targeting simulation in all six degrees of freedom (6DOF). Learn more