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Haley Industries Case Study (PRO CMM Optical Tracker)

Haley drastically cuts in-process inspection time and costs using the PRO CMM Optical Tracker and ScanTRAK Laser Scanner.

magellan_logoHaley Industries, a division of Magellan Aerospace Corporation, manufactures aluminum and magnesium castings for air, space and specialized engineering applications. Castings range in size from 2lb to 700lb. The fluctuating temperatures and airborne particulates in a foundry make it a challenging environment for performing accurate and reliable shop-floor metrology.

PRO CMM Optical Tracker in Haley Inspection Cell

(Image: Haley Inspection Cell)

  • The Challenge: Haley must perform dimensional checks and verification of castings before the part can be machined as a final product. However, Haley’s previous metrology equipment had rigid anchoring requirements that made verifying large part castings slow and unreliable.
  • The Requirement: Haley needed a portable metrology solution that would increase the accuracy, speed and reliability of the inspection process, especially for large parts, yet was durable enough for the foundry floor.
  • The Solution: A fixed rapid in-process inspection station that consists of a PRO CMM optical tracker and ScanTRAK handheld 3D laser scanner. Haley is able measure small and large parts within a single measurement volume with increased accuracy and speed. The cycle time to check a single casting has been reduced from days to hours.

Learn how Haley Industries drastically reduced inspection time and costs by implementing an in-process inspection station using NDI’s PRO CMM optical tracker and ScanTRAK laser scanner.