Certus HD

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The Optotrak Certus HD Position Sensor uses high-speed, real-time digital photogrammetry and optical triangulation to track the precise 3D positions of targets over a large volume. Use the Certus HD system to determine the position and orientation of many moving objects by generating thousands of data points per second in real-time. You can analyze and report data in either a fixed frame of reference or relative to another object’s local coordinate system.


Certus HD uses NDI’s First Principles™  software package to capture and rapidly display 3D/6DOF dynamic motion data.

  • The easy-to-use interface eliminates complicated learning curves, allowing new users to collect and analyze data almost immediately
  • True Synchronization allows you to synchronize and collect data from other digital and analog devices
  • Export data during or after measurement
  • Track complex object movements in all six degrees of freedom
  • Track and record up to 512 targets and 170 objects simultaneously
  • Integrate probe into tracking function
  • Display data as text, 3D, digital readout, or strip chart

Together, Optotrak Certus and the First Principles software allow you to measure:

  • Vibrations
  • Travelled Paths
  • Velocities

  • Accelerations
  • Displacements
  • Positions

  • Orientations
  • Angles


Accuracy and Measurement Volume 

RMS Accuracy 2m 4m 6m
Vertical/Horizontal 0.1mm 0.15mm 0.25mm
Depth 0.15mm 0.25mm 0.45mm


Dynamic Measurement Capabilities
Targets (3D) Up to 512
Rigid Bodies (6DOF) Up to 170
Sampling Speed (targets/sec.) Up to 4500


Position Sensor
Dimensions (LxWxH) 200 mm x 1125 mm x 160 mm
Weight 18kg
Power Input 100-240V Ac, 50/60 Hz 2.5A
Computer Interface PCI, Ethernet, USB