3D Guidance® driveBAY and trakSTAR

Electromagnetic Tracking Technology for Your Image-Guided Training or Simulation System

As part of the 3D Guidance® product suite, the driveBAY™ and trakSTAR™ electromagnetic (EM) tracking systems deliver exceptional performance and value. They provide highly accurate, unobstructed 6DOF (six-degrees-of-freedom) tracking of reusable sensors embedded into surgical tools, probes, and needles. Both systems can simultaneously track up to four EM tools and support interchangeable sensor sizes.


System Features

  • Dynamic 6DOF tracking of sensor position and orientation
  • No line of sight needed between sensors and transmitter
  • Miniaturized reusable passive sensors as small as 0.56 mm-diameter
  • High metal immunity with no distortion from nonmagnetic materials
  • Two transmitter designs to support optimally sized tracking volumes


Customer Integrations

Ready-to-use configuration supports easy and cost-effective integration into simulators and trainers. The tracking volume, measurement rate, sensors and software interface can also be adapted to your unique system requirements.


Biopsy Needle Guidance

Biopsy Needle Guidance
Localize and track the 3D position and trajectory of the tip of the biopsy needle during a training procedure by integrating our reusable needle with an embedded sensor, then attaching another sensor to an ultrasound probe.


Guide therapeutic probes as part of laparoscopic navigation training and dynamically track needle tips for precise targeting and delivery of radiotherapy.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic Surgery
Visualize the position and orientation of probes, graspers, punches, and shavers within a virtual joint for training of precise tool placement and development of visual-spatial dexterity.


Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery
Track the approach, angle, and movement of laparoscopic instruments within virtual and/or lifelike organs for training in various surgical techniques across various medical procedures.

GI Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy

GI Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy
Localize and guide rigid and flexible scopes through virtual bronchial airways, intestinal loops, and other anatomical tracts to develop user hand-eye coordination and scope maneuvering skills.

Lumbar Puncture and Epidural

Lumbar Puncture and Epidural
Track the position and trajectory of the needle inside the phantom to replicate safe epidural needle injection and catheter placement as well as lumbar puncture and cerebrospinal fluid collection.

System Components

The 3D Guidance product suite utilizes three main components consisting of the electronics unit, sensors, and transmitter. Together they allow for the most subtle of tool movements to be instantly tracked and visualized within the simulation or training interface.

Electronics Unit:
A preamplifier embedded inside the electronics unit amplifies and digitizes the signal (current) relayed from the sensor coil. The electronics unit calculates the sensor position and orientation data and communicates this data to the host computer.

The sensor consists of a small coil in which a small signal is induced when the sensor enters the EM field.

The transmitter emits a low-intensity, time-varying EM field that establishes the measurement volume in combination with the sensor. Low latency and fast update rates allow sensor position and orientation data to integrate instantly and seamlessly within medical imaging software.

Electronics Unit Performance



Accuracy – 6DOF Sensor
Position 1.40 mm RMS 1.40 mm RMS
Orientation 0.50° RMS 0.50° RMS
Number of Sensors Four (4) 6DOF per unit (up to 32 sensors) Four (4) 6DOF per unit (up to 8 sensors)
Measurement Rate 80 Hz default,
user-configurable from 20-255 Hz
80 Hz default,
user-configurable from 20-255 Hz
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 290 mm x 184 mm x 64 mm 180 mm x 147 mm x 41 mm
(Fits a 5.25-inch PC drive bay)
Weight 1.31 kg 0.84 kg
Power & Interface
Power 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Molex Power Connector; +12 V: 1.6 A nominal, 2.9 A maximum; +5V: 600 mA nominal
Interface USB, RS-232 USB


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Learn more about each component and performance capabilities in the 16-page brochure.

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Sensor Embedded Navigation Tool

Build a trainer with the advantage of a navigated needle, engineered for the extensive use training environments demand.


Needle tip tracking provides precise 3D guidance to access difficult targets for applications such as ablations, core tissue biopsies, drainages, fluid aspirations, therapeutic deliveries, vascular access, and anesthesia.

The tracking component features a two-part system: a 6DOF ridged electromagnetic sensor and a titanium needle. The sensor can be easily inserted into the titanium needle and then securely fastened with a luer lock. Following extensive use, the needle can be disposed of and affordability replaced.

  • Industry tested to withstand hundreds of needle insertions
  • Track simultaneously with other tools and probes
  • Compatible with the 3D Guidance® product suite


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Legal Disclaimer
NDI tracking and measurement products (listed below) are general metrology components that can be integrated into customer products, research experiments, and/or as components of medical devices that require precision measurement and tracking. While NDI components and technology can be integrated into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) medical devices, they are not specifically intended for a given application and, as such, have not been developed or manufactured in accordance with medical device standards.  It remains the responsibility of the OEM customer or end-user to determine and test the suitability of NDI components and technology for their intended use, including performing any required ethics approval, verification, and validation required to demonstrate suitability and compliance. System-level testing, certification, and validation are the responsibility of the original equipment manufacturer or the applicable end-user and should be completed prior to use of NDI products or technologies in any application.