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NDI First Principles Motion Capture Software

With the simple interface of NDI First Principles, you can easily perform the following:

Record and View Data

  • record and play back experiment data
  • save and export data any time during (or after) experiment

Manage Data

  • change physical setup of experiment and observe the effects without needing to stop tracking or re-initialize the system
  • apply and export calculations to collected data in real-time or when playing back data

Test System

  • test specific elements of an experiment before performing the experiment itself

Also Included:

  • integrated digitization of imaginary markers
  • ability to convert files to multiple formats including .C3D and .CSV
  • improved method for registering multiple position sensors to a single global coordinate system
  • simplified way to align experiment to appropriate coordinate system
  • ASL Eye Tracker plug-in

Free Download

NDI First Principles motion capture software is distributed free for a trial period of 120 days from the day you install it. During the trial period, all product features are available. You may purchase the full version or activate a free version at any time during the trial period. The free version provides only playback functionality.

Download NDI First Principles Software
Note: Only registered users of the NDI Support Site will be able to download NDI First Principles motion capture software.

To download NDI First Principles software, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Support Site account.
  • Once logged-in, click Software.
  • Locate NDI First Principles and click associated Download button to begin download.

Become a Registered NDI Support Site User
If you would like to download the NDI First Principles software, but are not a registered NDI Support Site user, you can register here.