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Capture the fast, complex motion of multiple objects over large volumes with exceptional precision using NDI’s Dynamic Measuring Machine (DMM). The NDI Dynamic Measuring Machine is one of the most powerful and capable tools for dynamic measurement and advanced motion analysis.

The DMM uses an Optical Tracker to track specially designed targets that mark specific points of interest. The Optical Tracker’s most powerful feature is the unique ability to track how 3D and 6DOF measurements change over time, adding a new dimension to industrial metrology by allowing for motion tracking and dynamic  measurement.



OptoTRAK Specifications
 Target Resolution (at 2.5m)  Up to 2µm
 Targets (3D)  Up to 512
 Rigid Bodies (6DOF)  Up to 170
 Sampling Speed (targets/sec.)  Up to 4500 Hz
 Latency  Up to 5 ms

Effective frame rates vs. number of targets or rigid bodies.

Specification Examples

Targets Rigid
Rate (Hz)
1 1530 1530
6 2 575 3450
12 4 325 3900
18 6 230 4140
24 8 175 4200
30 10 140 4200
48 16 90 4320
90 30 50 4500

Tracking System

DMM adds dynamic motion measurement capabilities to the base PRO CMM system, combining best-in-class 3D and 6DOF dynamic tracking and portable optical coordinate measurement, for advanced real-time metrology and motion analysis.




Improve your shop-floor metrology results with this portable optical tracker that provides the highest accuracy and largest measurement volume of any system in its class. Learn more.

Model 1000 Model 2000 Model 3500
Measurement Volume 1.5m to 4.5m (10m3) 1.5m to 6m (20m3) 1.5m to 7.5m (35m3)
Single Point Accuracy up to 20 µm up to 20 µm up to 20 µm
Volumetric Accuracy* 80 µm + 2.5L/100 95 µm + 2.5L/100 110 µm + 2.5L/100
Application Accuracy up to 35 µm up to 35 µm up to 35 µm

*Values indicated have been ascertained according to general guidelines described in ISO 10360-2:2001 for size measurement and are expressed as a 95% confidence interval. Contact NDI for details regarding above specifications. All weights and dimensions are approximate.




ControlDemoThe PRO CMM with DMM includes software to analyze 3DOF motion or 6DOF position of objects. By providing instant visual feedback and live data export, NDI’s DMM software allow users to easily track dynamic motion measurements such as displacement, acceleration, deformation, and frequency response.

NDI can also solve your unique measurement problems with custom DMM software.



The exceptional range and resolution of the PRO CMM with DMM allows for precise, dynamic motion tracking within many industries and applications, including: