PRO CMM Overview

NDI’s PRO CMM delivers accurate, reliable 3D measurements using a high-speed Optical Tracker, flexible Multi-Sided Probe and powerful Dynamic Part Referencing. With high-accuracy (up to 20µm) over a large measurement volume (up to 35m3), the PRO CMM is the ideal optical CMM for portable measurement anywhere on the shop floor.


4col_procmm PRO CMM Optical Tracker

At the core of the PRO CMM system is a real-time Optical Tracker using the principles of modern high-speed photogrammetry. The PRO CMM can measure parts up to 7.5m in a single setup with micron level accuracy throughout the measurement volume. This optical CMM is designed specifically to deliver accurate, reliable dimensional metrology anywhere on your shop floor. It has no moving parts, making the PRO CMM a reliable and  proven optical CMM, even outside the stable environment of a controlled quality lab.


dpr Dynamic Part Referencing (DPR)

The ability to automatically reference and re-reference the measurement system into part coordinates is unique to optical tracking technology. With DPR, an operator can simultaneously move the part, fixture, probe or scanner, even the Optical Tracker itself, and the system will maintain an accurate alignment. Unwanted motion is continuously measured and subtracted, without operator intervention. DPR can also fully automate the registration process when new parts or fixtures are presented to the inspection cell.


Multi-Sided Probe (MSP) Multi-Sided Probe (MSP)

Each Multi-Sided Probe is factory characterized to ensure accurate measurement regardless of probe orientation. When attached to a pre-calibrated Renishaw tip, you can easily probe visible or hidden features anywhere within the PRO CMM measurement volume. Optionally, you can attach the MSP to a separately supplied scanner (see ScanTRAK II option) or mount it as a rigid body for 6DOF tracking (see PRO CMM with DMM option).



PRO CMM Options



ScanTRAK II – 3D Laser Scanner

Add the power of 3D scanning to the PRO CMM with the ScanTRAK II handheld laser scanner. With ScanTRAK II you are free to move the scanner to any orientation without beam break issues or mechanical restrictions. An unlimited range of motion ensures efficient part coverage, while dramatically improving operator productivity. Use ScanTRAK II to perform non-contact scanning of complex surface details for inspection and reverse engineering.





Offers you the option of adding DMM high-speed, real-time motion tracking to your PRO CMM. With industry-leading measurement speed and accuracy, PRO CMM with DMM helps you visualize, record and analyze individual point 3DOF motion or true 6DOF position of rigid bodies. Position, displacement, deformation, and frequency response can be quantified for a wide variety of applications including: boat tank tracking, wind tunnel tests, airfoil deflection, lift and drag, door, hood, trunk, or rear hatch closure, suspension testing, and any other motion analysis of mechanical structures.


MultiTRAK - Multiple Tracker Volume Extension MultiTRAK – Multiple Tracker Volume Extension

Add the MultiTRAK option to the PRO CMM system to support two or more Optical Trackers within a single measurement volume. Optimize the number and position of Optical Trackers yourself, or leverage the expertise of NDI’s design team to customize your measurement solution. Whether designed with fix mounted or portable Optical Trackers, MultiTRAK cells increase productivity by enlarging the measurement volume to surround large parts with a single setup. Probes, scanners, or tracking targets move seamlessly through the unified measurement volume using a single software measurement plan.



PRO CMM Software

Let us solve your unique measurement problems with custom software and hardware solutions.

The PRO CMM optical tracker integrates with industry leading 3rd party inspection and scanning software packages, including:


PRO CMM Specifications

Accuracy and Measurement Volume


Model Zone Location 95%CI
1000 2000 3500 Zone 1 1.5m to 3.0m 70µm +2.5L/100
Zone 2 3.0m to 4.5m 80µm +2.5L/100
Zone 3 4.5m to 6.0m 95µm +2.5L/100
Zone 4 6.0m to 7.5m 170µm +2.5L/100
Optical Tracker
Dimensions 1157mm L x 230mm W x 175mm H
Weight 24kg
Power Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.0A
Operating Temperature 10°C to 35°C
Multi-Sided Probe
Dimensions 185mm L x 185mm W x 105mm H
Weight 200g
Targets 25
Positioning Laser

*Values indicated have been ascertained according to general guidelines described in ISO 10360-2:2001 for size measurement and are expressed as a 95% confidence interval. Contact NDI for details regarding above specifications. All weights and dimensions are approximate.


PRO CMM Applications

The accuracy and portable metrology provided by the PRO CMM makes it an obvious choice for many applications, including part-to-cad inspection, reverse engineering , fixture verification, deformation analysis, door and closure testing, structural testing, and robot measurement and guidance.

NDI products are used to solve many application challenges in industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Industry, Foundries, and Academic Research.


PRO CMM Resources

Read how companies have successfully used NDI products to solve measurement challenges in their business.

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