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The PRO CMM optical tracker integrates with industry leading 3rd party inspection and scanning software packages, including:


PRO CMM Specifications

Accuracy and Measurement Volume


Model Zone Location 95%CI
1000 2000 3500 Zone 1 1.5m to 3.0m 70µm +2.5L/100
Zone 2 3.0m to 4.5m 80µm +2.5L/100
Zone 3 4.5m to 6.0m 95µm +2.5L/100
Zone 4 6.0m to 7.5m 170µm +2.5L/100
Optical Tracker
Dimensions 1157mm L x 230mm W x 175mm H
Weight 24kg
Power Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.0A
Operating Temperature 10°C to 35°C
Multi-Sided Probe
Dimensions 185mm L x 185mm W x 105mm H
Weight 200g
Targets 25
Positioning Laser

*Values indicated have been ascertained according to general guidelines described in ISO 10360-2:2001 for size measurement and are expressed as a 95% confidence interval. Contact NDI for details regarding above specifications. All weights and dimensions are approximate.


PRO CMM Applications

The accuracy and portable metrology provided by the PRO CMM makes it an obvious choice for many applications, including part-to-cad inspection, reverse engineering , fixture verification, deformation analysis, door and closure testing, structural testing, and robot measurement and guidance.

NDI products are used to solve many application challenges in industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Industry, Foundries, and Academic Research.


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