Smart Markers

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Optotrak® Smart Markers are designed to allow fast and easy experiment setup with easy wire management, easy experiment reproducibility, and instant marker detection. Smart Markers simplify experiment execution by providing complete freedom of movement for research subjects.

Optotrak Smart Markers offer the following benefits:

Get maximum freedom of movement with wireless, battery-powered strobers that eliminate wires between the research subject and the motion capture system. Use up to 50 markers per strober and up to 8 strobers per system.

Easy Wire Management

  • A unique inline wiring and branching technology that typically results in an 80% reduction in the number of wires needed. Fewer wires and tangles mean fast and easy experiment set-up.

Easy Experiment Reproducibilty

  • Specific marker configurations can be captured to be used again and again, making it easy to move a marker setup from one subject to another.

Instant Marker Detection

  • The Optotrak can instantly detect and uniquely identify Smart Markers such that they never get mixed up, eliminating the need for data sorting.

Flexible Marker Set-up

  • Unique to Northern Digital Inc., the Smart Marker Hub allows for any desired marker configuration. Use a combination of Smart Markers and Smart Marker Hubs to quickly and repeatedly create marker configurations that are immediately determined by the system.


Simplify your motion capture experiments and free yourself from wires with the use of Optotrak Smart Markers. The Optotrak Smart Marker System includes the following individual components that can be configured to your unique experimental needs. Use up to 50 markers per strober and up to 8 strobers per system.

Smart Marker

  • Small diameter and light weight – ideal for capturing human movement. Automatically and uniquely identified by the Optotrak System, eliminating the need to manually identify markers or sort data.

Smart Marker Hub

  • Used in combination with Smart Markers and other Smart Marker Hubs to create a marker configuration that is quick to set-up and repeat because it is immediately identified by the Optotrak System. The Smart Marker Hub is unique to Northern Digital Inc.

Wireless Strober

  • Eliminates wires between research subject and motion capture system, enabling your research subject to move freely. Incorporates a long-life battery that provides hours of run-time between charges. Use up to 50 markers per strober and up to 8 strobers per system.

Smart Marker Rigid Body

  • Lightweight and used to capture 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) of body segments. Precalibrated to enable ‘plug and play’ recognition by system.