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The Wave electromagnetic articulograph speech research system measures the 3D position of micro sensors attached to the tongue, palate, lips and face for tracking orofacial movements. The resulting measurement data can be applied in the research of apraxia of speech, dysarthria, oral myofunctional disorders, and other speech-related pathologies.

The Wave can simultaneously track up to 16 disposable sensors in five degrees of freedom (5DOF); up to 8 sensors in 6DOF. Measurements are captured in real time without requiring a line of sight between the system and subject. Two subjects can be tracked at once, allowing for the study of dyadic communication, with the results displayed side-by-side in the software interface. High temporal accuracy and spatial resolution ensure the fastest and most subtle of movements are recorded.

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Electromagnetic Articulography: measuring movements of the tongue, jaws and lips during speech


  • Minimal lag and noise result in exceptionally accurate data
  • No line of sight requirements ensures uninterrupted 5DOF/6DOF tracking
  • No post-processing of kinematic data reduces experiment time and errors
  • Disposable micro sensors allow for natural subject movement
  • Real-time synchronization of audio and kinematic data

Optical Synchronization Option

As an additional option, the Wave Speech Research System can be spatially and temporally synchronized with the Optotrak Certus and 3D Investigator motion capture systems to enable greater power and flexibility within research applications. Integrating a Northern Digital Inc. motion capture system offers the following benefits:

  • Measure up to 512 data points
  • Integrate and synchronize with additional research equipment


Wave has been replaced by Vox-EMA. For more information follow this link