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NDI Introduces the Polaris Krios Scanner for Neurodiagnostic Equipment Manufacturers & Researchers

krios_largeNew Handheld Scanner Streamlines Electrode Registration

October 16, 2015 – Waterloo, Ontario – NDI (Northern Digital Inc.), a leading global innovator and manufacturer of advanced 3D measurement and electromagnetic tracking systems, is pleased to announce the newest addition to its Polaris®
optical measurement product suite: the Polaris® Krios handheld digitizing scanner.

As an OEM solution, the Polaris Krios handheld scanner integrates into existing neurodiagnostic equipment solutions to improve source-localization accuracy and streamline electrode registration of partner EEG, MEG, NIRS and PSG test and treatment systems. The Krios is based on real-time 3D stereo camera technology that measures, identifies, and maps electrode positions to an accuracy within 0.5 mm and repeatability of 0.1 mm. Real-time compensation for subject and environmental variability ensures only actual markers are measured for mapping purposes.

The Krios complements the workflow of OEM neurodiagnostic systems by reducing the time and complexity of electrode registration and identification. Cumulative marker collection allows up to 256 electrodes to be scanned in less than 2 minutes. In addition to electrode measurement, the Krios also features tactile probing capability, and real-time full volume subject head tracking. Additional features such as image capture, customizable trigger modes, embedded status lights, audio cues, and dynamic electrode counter, further maximize the accuracy and efficiency of electrode acquisition. The electrode setup process, which can be time-consuming and difficult for operators, now takes only minutes.

In typical workflows, the integrated touch probe is used to register fiducial points such as the nasion, inion, and preauricular points. The resulting digital point cloud (3D model) and rigid body contains all identified marker coordinates and fiducial points, which is saved as a .CSV file for export to the neurodiagnostic or neuromodulation software. There, the point cloud can be mapped to a pre-defined electrode configuration. NDI’s extensive API (Application Program Interface) library provides medical equipment manufacturers with seamless integration and management of electrode mapping data.

“The Polaris Krios continues NDI’s tradition of providing our OEM customers with the most accurate and reliable optical measurement technology on the market,” says Jarrad Morden, Division Director at NDI. “For neuroscience researchers or operators who need to acquire, map, and register electrode or optodiode positions quickly and accurately, the Krios is an excellent tool to streamline the measurement process, remove process variability, and significantly improve the accuracy of downstream mapping and treatment processes.”

The Polaris Krios will make its debut at the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) 2015 Annual Meeting, October 18-21 in Chicago, Booth #825.

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