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NDI Announces its Next Generation Handheld 3D Laser Scanner for Industrial Metrology: The ScanTRAK II

May 7, 2018 – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – NDI (Northern Digital Inc.), a global-leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced 3D measurement and motion tracking solutions, announced today the latest addition to its industrial metrology product line: the ScanTRAK II handheld 3D laser scanner. The ScanTRAK II builds on the legacy of its predecessor with new technology and hardware enhancements that increase operator productivity by almost 300%.

Unlike traditional red-laser handheld scanners, the ScanTRAK II is based on blue-laser technology and Nikon optics. This laser wavelength combines with Nikon’s automatic laser power compensation functionality to provide significant advantages to part inspection, rapid prototyping, and reverse engineering applications, namely diverse surface handling with low measurement noise.

The ScanTRAK II has a scanner accuracy of 7 µm – three times more accurate than the previous generation scanner. Measurements are recorded with low speckle noise, with every part feature and surface detail captured with exceptional precision and resolution.

As another benefit of blue-laser technology, the ScanTRAK II allows operators to scan polished and translucent surfaces without pre-treating the part. The ScanTRAK II will also scan across diverse surface textures and colour transitions without interruption. Used in tandem with the PRO CMM optical tracker, the ScanTRAK II provides freeform, non-contact 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) scanning within a large measurement area, free of mechanical tethers. All of which maximize the operator’s ability to complete measurement tasks as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Operator productivity is further augmented with a faster frame rate and new ergonomic design. A scanning speed of 450,000 points per second, frame rate up to 450 Hz (2.5 times faster than the ScanTRAK), and wider beam stripe provide more part coverage in less time. Additionally, the scanner form factor has been redesigned to improve balance and maneuverability, which supports extended scanning sessions with less operator fatigue.

“The ScanTRAK II continues the reputation for which all NDI industrial metrology products are known: delivering best-in-class measurement accuracy and reliability for the most challenging inspection applications,” says Jarrad Morden, Division Director at NDI.  “With its new technology and hardware improvements, the ScanTRAK II substantially elevates the capabilities and performance of large volume 3D laser scanning.”

NDI is now accepting pre-orders for the ScanTRAK II handheld 3D laser scanner and optical tracking system.

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