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Advancing Cranial Navigation with Zeta Surgical’s Breakthrough Technology in Surgical Guidance with Precision Tracking.

One of the major challenges in neurosurgery is the lack of a rapidly deployable, real-time navigation system that can account for patient movement and that can be used at the point of care.

The Zeta Surgical Cranial Navigation Platform revolutionizes surgical procedures by combining state-of-the-art computer vision and artificial intelligence with trusted optical navigation technology from NDI.

The Zeta Surgical Cranial Navigation Platform:

  • Pinless and frameless stereotactic navigation, ensuring real-time registration and tracking of moving patients with exceptional sub-millimetric accuracy.
  • Mixed reality neuronavigational software facilitates real-time tracking of the patient’s head and surgical tools, enhancing procedural accuracy.
  • A compact and user-friendly one-cart design makes it suitable for high-traffic and space-restricted environments like ICUs and ERs.
Learn more about Zeta Surgical’s Cranial Navigation System incorporating NDI’s Polaris®optical navigation by downloading our case study.
Zeta Surgical Case Study

Download the NDI & Zeta Surgical Case Study

MC – Zeta Case Study

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