We inspire our customers to think big when exploring new opportunities in 3D tracking technology. We encourage our employees to do the same with their career at NDI. Much like GPS navigation for your car, our tracking technology shows where an object is in 3D space, and where it needs to go next. Since 1981 we’ve helped our customers use this tracking technology to benefit society in extraordinary and everyday ways: from OEM surgical navigation systems to automotive assembly testing; biomechanics research to virtual reality simulators, and so much more. You experience the benefits of 3D tracking technology almost every day without realizing it. Join the team that brings it to life.

Why NDI?

We’re a company that thrives on finding inventive and unique ways to solve our customers’ most ambitious—and groundbreaking—tracking applications in medicine, manufacturing, and academia. It’s a mindset that extends to your career at NDI:

  • Work that Matters: our technology innovations of today become our customers’ industry-changing breakthroughs of tomorrow. Every team at NDI serves a crucial role in making that future a reality.
  • A Culture that Fits: we combine the stability of 35+ years with the enthusiasm of a start-up. We innovate at a fast pace, but always with an eye towards employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Co-workers that Click: we take pride in our work, valuing the creativity and contributions of each employee. Our shared passion for excellence has propelled NDI to incredible levels of success.
  • A Career that Grows: we foster an environment of active learning. We help each employee map their career path, providing the resources and mentoring needed to pursue their professional goals.
  • Technology that Awes: our customers look to NDI to push the limits of tracking technology. It’s one thing to admire how cool a technology is; our employees bring that amazing technology to life.


Perks & Benefits 

Flexible Work Hours

Free Onsite Parking

Paid Holiday Shutdown

Free Hot Beverages

Casual Work Environment

Training & Development

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Technology to Brag About

Without question, our technology is cool. Very cool. We take pride in our work, and in the discoveries and achievements of our customers,
who are using our tracking technology in amazing ways:

Simulation of cardiac electrophysiology using electromagnetic tracking

Trans-cranial magnetic stimulation using optical measurement

Automotive inspection using 3D laser scanning

Biomechanics research using optical measurement
Photo: University of Waterloo.

Your Career at NDI is Waiting

We’re a smart, talented, hardworking team – the best at what we do. Won’t you join us?