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Aurora® Sensors

A full suite of 5DOF and 6DOF sensors for adding EM Navigation to interventional medical devices and minimally invasive procedures.

Aurora Sensor 610157

Target, Access, and Reach the Smallest Treatment Areas

Aurora sensors are a key component of the Aurora electromagnetic (EM) navigation solution, where they locate OEM medical devices such as catheters, scopes, transducers, and guidewires during a procedure. Using the embedded sensor, the device’s position and orientation are shown in real time as it’s navigated inside the body – no line of sight is needed.

Aurora sensors are available in 5DOF or 6DOF (Degrees of Freedom), which refers to the direction of movement reported during navigation. 6DOF reports all movement; 5DOF reports everything except roll. Sensors also have different core types for versatile integration options: solid-core sensors go inside the device, while the device passes through the centre of our proprietary hollow-core sensor.

The breadth of our sensor portfolio (20+ sensors), and the depth of our integration expertise (40+ years), empower our OEM customers to develop new navigated medical devices and new minimally invasive techniques to accurately target, access, and reach the smallest treatment areas.

No fluoroscopy

Navigation without Fluoroscopy

A current is induced inside the sensor, which is converted into a signal that determines the sensor’s (and the device’s) real-time position and orientation in the measurement volume. No fluoroscopy is needed to “see” the sensor.


Versatile Medical Device Integration

Aurora sensors can be embedded in several ways to best support how, where, and when the device is used during a procedure. For example, a 5DOF sensor could be placed at a needle’s tip to track its location and trajectory.

Aurora Small Sensors

Sensors as Small as ø0.3 x 2.5 mm

This micro Aurora 5DOF sensor measures just ø0.3 x 2.5 mm—the smallest on the market—for integration with microcatheters and small devices for safe navigation through difficult-to-access lesions and vessels.

Sensor Accuracy

Optimized Sensor Tracking Performance

Our proprietary Aurora Commutator Technology improves sensor tracking performance by suppressing signal distortions. Customers can apply this technology to their specific devices and applications to optimize tracking accuracy.

Small Sensor Datasheet

Discover the benefits of going small – navigate smaller vessels with an EM sensor sized for miniaturized interventional devices.

What to Consider when Selecting a Sensor

Sensor attributes are interconnected in terms of integration method, application use, and tracking performance. Our expert NDI Integration Engineers can help you select the right sensor for your medical device and procedure workflow.

A 6DOF sensor reports roll; 5DOF does not. NDI offers Aurora 6DOF and 5DOF sensors.

The sensor’s diameter and length determine its fit inside/outside the medical device.

The point of interest decides the sensor’s location for the device, e.g., at the tip of a needle.

The device passes through a hollow-core sensor; solid-core sensors go inside the device.

Larger sensors have a higher signal for a greater tracking distance in the measurement volume.

Larger sensors are more accurate than smaller sensors.

Up to 32 Aurora 5DOF sensors or 16 6DOF sensors can be tracked in the measurement volume.

Aurora 5DOF Sensors

Aurora Sensor 610158Aurora 5DOF Sensor
ø0.45 x 8.2 mm length
P/N: 610158
Lead wires: 2.5 m length
Our most accurate standard 5DOF sensor. This sensor has a small diameter and medium length for optimized performance in a wide range of tracking applications.
Aurora Sensor 610090Aurora 5DOF Sensor
Dimensions: ø0.85 x 11.0 mm length
P/N: 610090
Lead wires: 2.5 m length
Our most cost-effective sensor. This general-purpose sensor is built on a tiny PCB for robust integration and use in OEM medical devices. Also available with 4 m lead wires.
Aurora Sensor 610157Aurora 5DOF Sensor
Dimensions: ø0.45 x 6.3 mm length
P/N: 610157
Lead wires: 4.1 m length
Our most robust small 5DOF sensor. This sensor has a small diameter and shorter length for integration into diverse OEM medical devices. Also available with red/blue lead wires for differentiating between multiple sensors.
Aurora Sensor 610183Aurora 5DOF Sensor
ø0.92 x 5.5 mm length
P/N: 610183
Lead wires: 2.5 m length
Our shortest standard 5DOF sensor. This sensor has a larger diameter for excellent performance and robust integration into flexible OEM medical devices requiring tight bending.
Aurora Sensor 610063Aurora 5DOF Sensor
ø0.3 x 13.0 mm length
(pkg. of 5)
P/N: 610063
Lead wires: 2.5 m length
Our smallest diameter 5DOF sensor (and smallest on the market). This sensor’s minuscule size allows for integration into OEM medical devices with narrow diameter openings. Sold as a package of 5 sensors.

Aurora 6DOF Sensors

Aurora Sensor 610164

Aurora Mini 6DOF Sensor
Dimensions: ø1.8 x 9.0 mm length
P/N: 610164
Lead wires: 2.5 m length

Our most robust 6DOF sensor. This mini sensor comes with attached lead wires for ready integration into OEM medical devices. Its small size and excellent performance make this a good general-purpose sensor.
Aurora-Sensor-610094Aurora 6DOF PCB Sensor
Dimensions: 2.2 x 21.0 mm
(pkg. of 5)
P/N: 610094
Lead wires: none
Our most cost-effective 6DOF sensor. This sensor is built on a small PCB and has a long, thin form factor for integration into rigid OEM medical devices. Sold as a package of 5 sensors. Also available as a package of 50 sensors.
Aurora Sensor 10001742Aurora Micro 6DOF Sensor
Dimensions: ø0.92 x 9.4 mm length
P/N: 10001742
Lead wires: 2.5 m length
Our smallest 6DOF sensor. This micro sensor’s size allows for integration into OEM medical devices with narrow diameter openings. Robust for such a small sensor.
Aurora Sensor 610395Aurora 6DOF PCB Sensor
Dimensions: 10.0 x 12.8 mm
P/N: 610395
Lead wires: none
Our most accurate 6DOF sensor. This sensor is built on a small PCB and is very robust. Its larger size makes this a good sensor for developing OEM reference tools.
5DOF 6DOF Probe

6DOF Explained

Discover the difference between 6DOF and 5DOF tracking.
Aurora 5DOF Small Sensor

Download the Aurora
Small Sensor Data Sheet

Add real-time targeting and navigation to catheters, without the need for fluoroscopy, with the market’s smallest EM sensor.

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EM Education Guide

Download the
EM Education Guide

Download this 12-page guide to learn more about Electromagnetic Navigation Technology and the advantages it can provide to medical device OEMs.