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Downloads: Explore NDI’s Optical & EM Solutions

Our collection of videos, articles and datasheets is an excellent place to learn more about NDI’s optical navigation and electromagnetic tracking solutions. ‘Navigate the possibilities’ for your unique OEM surgical instruments and applications. Need additional information? Contact us here today to discuss how we can create your navigational solution.

Education Guides

EM Education Guide

EM Education Guide

Download our 12-page guide to learn how you can integrate electromagnetic tracking technology into your medical device.
Optical Education Guide

Optical Education Guide

Download this 14-page guide to learn more about optical navigation technology and the advantages it can provide for OEM solution providers.

Solution Briefs

Case Studies

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Navigating a New Era in Pediatric Scoliosis Treatment: nView Case Study

Navigating a New Era in Pediatric Scoliosis Treatment: nView medical and NDI Revolutionize Spinal Fusion with 3D Image Guidance Technology

Enhance your surgical outcomes and patient safety with the future of pediatric spinal fusion – nView’s breakthrough technology, featuring NDI’s Polaris Lyra®.

Pediatric spine surgery presents unique challenges due to small patient sizes, underlying diseases, and complex anatomy. Additional considerations during pediatric surgery include minimizing risk by reducing exposure to radiation and time under anesthesia and addressing limitations of adult-focused systems on smaller anatomy.

nView medical is transforming pediatric scoliosis surgery with their nView s1 system, specifically designed for children. In collaboration with NDI, they’ve created a safer, faster, and more accurate surgical solution.

Key Features and Benefits of nView’s s1 system include:

  • 3D Imaging: Instant 3D imaging throughout surgery.
  • Low Radiation: Minimized radiation exposure, safer for children.
  • Real-Time Navigation: Precision and accuracy for pedicle screw placement and spinal stability.
  • AI Technology: Enhanced spine imaging and curvature identification facilitates the efficient and precise placement of rods, pedicle screws, and implants, ultimately leading to safer and more efficient procedures.

Curious to learn more about the only integrated imaging and navigation system specifically designed for pediatric surgery?

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Download Your Copy of the nView medical/NDI case study today.

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Zeta Surgical Case Study

Enhancing Cranial Navigation: Zeta Surgical’s Precision Tracking

Advancing Cranial Navigation with Zeta Surgical’s Breakthrough Technology in Surgical Guidance with Precision Tracking.

One of the major challenges in neurosurgery is the lack of a rapidly deployable, real-time navigation system that can account for patient movement and that can be used at the point of care.

The Zeta Surgical Cranial Navigation Platform revolutionizes surgical procedures by combining state-of-the-art computer vision and artificial intelligence with trusted optical navigation technology from NDI.

The Zeta Surgical Cranial Navigation Platform:

  • Pinless and frameless stereotactic navigation, ensuring real-time registration and tracking of moving patients with exceptional sub-millimetric accuracy.
  • Mixed reality neuronavigational software facilitates real-time tracking of the patient’s head and surgical tools, enhancing procedural accuracy.
  • A compact and user-friendly one-cart design makes it suitable for high-traffic and space-restricted environments like ICUs and ERs.
Learn more about Zeta Surgical’s Cranial Navigation System incorporating NDI’s Polaris®optical navigation by downloading our case study.
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