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Aurora Ready-to-Use Tools

For quick and easy tracking during the exploratory stages of OEM development, we offer six ready-to-use tools, each embedded with a 5DOF or 6DOF sensor.

No Tool Assembly, Configuration or Characterization Required

Aurora® ready-to-use tools include everything required to begin tracking right out of the box. Designed with speed and ease of integration and use in mind, these tools are an excellent introduction to the Aurora electromagnetic tracking solution during research applications and the exploratory phase of OEM research and development. No assembly, configuration, or calibration are required. (Note: Aurora ready-to-use tools are not intended for medical use.)


  • Comes wired to a connector and programmed for immediate use. 
  • Start tracking without having to configure or calibrate the tool. 
  • Available in a variety of formats for diverse tracking applications. 
The following represents our standard Aurora ready-to-use tools; other tools are available.
    Aurora 6DOF ProbeAurora 6DOF Probe
    Tip – ø3 mm x 65 mm length
    This is a general-purpose digitizing probe with a rigid, straight metal tip.
    Aurora 6DOF ReferenceAurora 6DOF Reference
    ø25 mm x 5 mm thick
    This flat reference disc allows for many fixation methods, including screws or adhesive strips.
    Aurora 6DOF Cable Tool
    ø2.5 mm x 2 m length
    This is a very robust, multi-purpose tool that contains a 6DOF sensor at the tip of a flexible 2 m shielded cable.
    Aurora 6DOF Flex TubeAurora 6DOF FlexTube
    ø1.4 mm x 2 m length
    This tool can be inserted into the working channel of a flexible instrument. It incorporates a small 6DOF sensor at its tip.
    Aurora 5DOF Flex-TubeAurora 5DOF FlexTube
    ø1 mm x 3 m length
    This tool can be inserted into the working channel of a flexible instrument. It incorporates a 5DOF sensor at its tip.
    Aurora 5DOF NeedleAurora 5DOF Needle, 18G
    ø1.3 mm
    ø1.05 mm
    150 mm length
    1.8 mm length
    This 18-gauge needle consists of a stylet and outer cannula. A 5DOF sensor is integrated into the tip of the stylet for tip tracking. 21-gauge also available.
    Aurora Sensor

    Aurora Sensors

    Learn more about the Sensors embedded into Aurora Ready-to-Use tools. 

    Download our 12-page Education Guide to learn how you can integrate Electromagnetic Tracking Technology into your OEM medical devices to:

    • Navigate instruments safely and reliably through complex anatomy. 
    • Target small treatment areas with
      sub-millimeter accuracy and precision.
    • Visualize real-time position as well as orientation of an instrument. 
    • Track instruments even when they
      are out of sight.
    • Embed micro sensors into flexible and
      rigid instruments.
    MC – EM Education Guide
    EM Education Guide

    Legal Disclaimer
    NDI tracking and measurement products are general metrology components that can be integrated into customer products, research experiments, and/or as components of medical devices that require precision measurement and tracking. While NDI components and technology can be integrated into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) medical devices, they are not specifically intended for a given application and, as such, have not been developed or manufactured in accordance with medical device standards. It remains the responsibility of the OEM customer or end-user to determine and test the suitability of NDI components and technology for their intended use, including performing any required ethics approval, verification, and validation required to demonstrate suitability and compliance. System-level testing, certification, and validation are the responsibility of the original equipment manufacturer or the applicable end-user and should be completed prior to the use of NDI products or technologies in any application.