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NDI Polaris® Tools, Markers, Software, and Accessories

We provide all the tools required for OEM partners to create the right solutions for their surgical application workflow.

Polaris Vega® and Polaris Lyra® optical measurement solutions are designed for accuracy, reliability, and versatility within OEM applications. NDI developer tools, software, and accessories are available to enhance application development and system customization.


NDI offers ready-to-use (non-medical) rigid body tools for research applications and for the exploratory stage of OEM research and development. It enables medical device OEMs to create the exact tools needed for their surgical application workflow.

Passive 4-Marker Probe


Single-faced probe for testing and evaluation purposes.

Passive 4-Marker Rigid Bodies

rigid body

Ready-to-use rigid bodies for testing and evaluation purposes. Bodies can be attached to objects with available clamps.
*For use with Polaris Lyra only

Active 4-Marker Probe

Active Probe

Single-faced active probe for testing and evaluation purposes.
Requires a System Control Unit.

Active 4-Marker Rigid Body

Active Rigid Body

Single-faced planar rigid body with holes for mounting. Requires a System Control Unit.

Passive Tool Kit

Passive Tool Kit

The Passive Tool Kit contains the core components needed to get started with the Polaris Vega or Polaris Lyra:

  • 2 Rigid Bodies
  • 1 Probe
  • 2 Rigid Body Clamps
  • 1 Pkg. of NDI Passive Spheres (25)

Hybrid Tool Kit

Hybrid tool Kit

The Hybrid Tool Kit provides the same tools and accessories as the Passive Tool Kit with the addition of an Active Probe and an Active Rigid Body.


Navigation markers are a key component of optical navigation technology. The navigation marker and the Polaris optical tracker work together to localize, detect, and track OEM instruments with pinpoint accuracy NDI provides two types of markers – passive and active to provide flexibility to OEM development needs.




The NDI Passive Sphere™ is specifically developed to work with Polaris optical navigation systems. For development purposes, they are available in packages of 25. Also available pre-sterilized. Contact NDI for more details.

Radix™ Lenses


The Radix Lens is a passive, retro-reflective, wipeable lens that can be attached to OEM surgical instruments. For development purposes they are available in packages of 40.



The infrared emitting diode (IRED) is an active marker mounted on a ceramic base. The optical tracker detects the infrared light emitted by the active markers and calculates the position and orientation of tools that incorporate them. Power for the IRED comes from an optional System Control Unit for wired tools or from an external supply (such as batteries) for wireless tools. For tool development, active markers are available to order in packages of 50.

Tool Development

Active Wireless Information Package

To support OEM customers who wish to design active wireless tools, NDI provides a reference design information package. This design package can be used with any Polaris product and can be downloaded via the Customer Support Site.

Components of the Polaris Active Wireless Sample Tool package include:

  • Tool Design Guide
  • Receiver Assembly Design Files
  • Carrier Board Assembly Files
  • Firmware Binary File
  • Source Code Binary File
  • Tool Definition File

Photodiode for Active Wireless Tools


Receiver necessary when developing active wireless tools.

Active Tool Cable Assembly


A length of tool cable pre-wired with connector and SROM device to facilitate the development of active (wired) tools.


This software is an essential component of the tool characterization process and is necessary for the creation of tool definition files. As a replacement for its predecessor (NDI 6D Architect™), Cygna-6D features an efficient user interface that has been streamlined to a single window, reducing the number of steps (and dialogue boxes) to complete tasks.

Cygna 6D


NDI provides software and tools to enable OEM customers to configure, characterize, and track tools and ensure their Polaris optical tracker is optimized for performance.

Accuracy Assessment Kit

NDI offers an optional Accuracy Assessment Kit (AAK) to assess the in-field accuracy of the Polaris optical tracker within the application environment. In less than 15 minutes, the hardware and software will guide the user through predefined positions in the measurement volume, with measurement data recorded along the way.

Once the measurement results are calculated, the AAK software will generate a pass/fail report for accuracy to determine if the Polaris optical tracker needs to be returned to NDI for re-characterization.



This collection of software utilities allows OEM developers to configure, upgrade, troubleshoot and test the Polaris solutions. It also supports tool tracking and collecting and saving tool-tracking data. For the Polaris Vega VT®, the NDI ToolBox software also provides a video client application for streaming video.

Tools and Accessories

Download the Polaris Tools and Accessories Brochure

Discover Polaris® Optical Measurement Solutions. Explore NDI Developer Tools & Accessories for Enhanced Applications.

Optical Education Guide

Download the
Optical Education Guide

Download this 14-page guide to learn more about optical navigation technology and the advantages it can provide for OEM solution providers.