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Here’s How Realists GmbH Uses NDI’s Polaris Vicra® Optical Navigation System to Make Training in Spinal Surgery Come to Life.

Having the most realistic surgical training experiences can minimize real-time errors and reduce procedure times. The RealSpine Training System imitates an authentic human organism, including the anatomical structures and fluids you would encounter during a surgical procedure.

Realists Imaging is a radiation-free X-ray simulation developed exclusively for surgical training with Realists products.

Realist Imaging relies on the NDI Polaris Vicra optical navigation system to:

  • Allow practitioners to visualize and navigate with the same instruments used in the operating room.
  • Simulate fluoroscopic images of the structures.
  • Provide lifelike education and training environments where trainees can practice using medical instruments such as implant devices or endoscopic instrumentation.

Learn more about NDI’s optical navigation solutions and the Realists Training Technologies by downloading our case study.


Download the NDI & Realists Case Study

MC – Realists Case Study

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