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Experience the Future of Endovascular Surgery with Centerline Biomedical’s IOPS® 3D Image-Guided System — Leveraging NDI’s Aurora® Electromagnetic Navigation Technology

Transition away from lengthy endovascular procedures and embrace a new era of unparalleled navigation accuracy while minimizing radiation exposure from X-rays.

In collaboration with NDI, Centerline Biomedical engineered a revolutionary solution that redefines the landscape of endovascular surgery.

Centerline’s IOPS® (Intra-Operative Positioning System) 3D surgical and interventional navigation technology provides practitioners with non-radiation-based navigation of catheters and guidewires during endovascular procedures. The system combines high-quality 3D colour image guidance and real-time interactive navigation and positioning capabilities that benefit practitioners and patients by:

  • Displaying an intuitive anatomical 3D map based on image-fusion
  • Providing precise and accurate electromagnetic navigation
  • Improving endovascular procedure patient outcomes
  • Delivering a safer clinical environment due to less radiation exposure
  • Reducing procedure times, thereby increasing the number of daily procedures
Centerline Case Study
Learn how Centerline Biomedical’s IOPS System enables non-radiation navigation of catheters and guidewires using NDI’s Aurora® electromagnetic tracking technology.

MC – Centerline Case Study

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