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Discover How NDI is Transforming OEM Spinal Surgery Workflows with Advanced Optical Navigation

NDI’s Polaris® optical navigation solutions can be seamlessly integrated with OEM medical devices to improve precision in the most complex surgical applications with NDI’s optical navigation technology.

Download this Solution Brief to understand the key benefits of optical navigation, including:

  • Enhanced precision: Empower spinal surgeons with real-time surgical tool movement and trajectory monitoring during procedures such as pedicle screw placement for enhanced precision and safety.
  • Enable minimally invasive techniques: Offer robust verification mechanisms to ensure the accurate placement of spinal implants or devices, promoting successful outcomes and reducing complications.
  • Improved patient outcomes: Facilitate seamless alignment of surgical instruments with the intricate anatomy of the spine, ensuring accurate placement and minimizing risks.
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Download the Spinal Surgery Solution Brief

MC – Spinal Brief

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