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Military Simulation

The real-time 6DoF electromagnetic tracking provided by the driveBAY™,and  trakSTAR™  solutions gives military simulation manufacturers best-in-class measurement accuracy for highly realistic flight simulation, pilot/crew training, and gunnery interactive training.

Miniaturized, extremely lightweight sensors are attached to the user’s helmet or HMD (Head Mounted Display), and track the user’s movements in all six degrees of freedom (6DoF). Electromagnetic technology enables unobstructed tracking throughout the simulation volume. For a larger measurement volume with lower latency infrared optical tracking cameras provides high-speed, high-resolution tracking of wireless markers.  All NDI systems can track multiple sensors simultaneously, to accurately capture different movements at once.

Sub-millimeter, sub-degree tracking accuracy is maintained throughout the simulation volume for precise visual cueing. Fast update rates and low latency allow position and orientation data to be seamlessly integrated with the simulator’s display. Our electromagnetic and optical tracking technologies have been deployed in numerous target sighting, weapon firing, and aircraft and vehicle maneuvering training systems, such as:

  • CH-47 Chinook Virtual Door Gunnery Simulator
  • CH-47 Chinook Flight Simulator
  • CH-146 Chinook Back-End Trainer
  • Tiger Attack Helicopter Operations Simulator
  • NH 90 Helicopter Flight Simulator

In addition to highly accurate and reliable 6D tracking, the driveBAY, and trakSTAR provide flexible configuration options. Each solution can be customized to meet your system integration requirements. Together, these features deliver exceptional performance for developing incredibly realistic flight, vehicle, and gunnery simulators that improve user training, equipment proficiency, and situational awareness.