Orthopaedic Research Pins

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Researchers can now focus on research instead of building tools. Orthopaedic Research Pins are designed specifically for use in Optotrak® orthopaedic research applications and are now available from Northern Digital Inc. Created for fast and easy experiment setup and instant marker detection, Orthopaedic Research Pins get you collecting data quickly and accurately. Orthopaedic Research Pins are compatible with the Optotrak family, including Optotrak 3020, Optotrak Certus, and 3D Investigator products.


Using Orthopaedic Research Pins along with your Optotrak motion capture system, you can:

  • measure translations and rotations of individual vertebral bodies during multidirectional loading
  • quantify inter-segmental movement
  • calculate angular and linear load-deformation response
  • measure range of motion
  • perform markerless tracking of boney landmarks
  • rigidly affix spine pin on each vertebral level
  • digitize imaginary points for tracking


Features of the Orthopaedic Research Pins, include:

  • pre-characterized, instant 6DOF information using First Principles
  • sturdy and reusable pins
  • rigid body with 3 non-collinear infrared light emitting diodes (IREDs)