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Scania Case Study (PRO CMM Optical Tracker)

Scania improves reliability and performance of its in-line Quality Station using the PRO CMM Optical Tracker.

Scania-LogoScania, a Volkswagen AG company based in Södertälje, Sweden, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, and industrial and marine engines. Scania’s engine blocks are produced using highly automated multi-station machining and assembly cells that are connected via a lean flow line. Quality control is a top priority.

PRO CMM optical tracker in use at Scania

PRO CMM in use at Scania

  • The Challenge:  Scania must perform high accuracy dimensional quality checks on unfixtured parts. However, its previous metrology solution had a limited measurement volume.
  • The Requirement:  Scania needed the ability to perform rapid in-process inspection of machined engine block castings, while maintaining a measurement uncertainty not greater than +/- 50.0µm.
  • The Solution:  One ceiling-mounted PRO CMM Optical Tracker was used to create a flexible and reliable in-process inspection cell measuring consistently below 0.050mm.

Learn how the PRO CMM successfully met and exceeded all four of Scania’s objectives for its engine line inspection cell: Durability/Reliability, High Accuracy, Shop Floor Environment, and Ease of Use.