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Tier 1 Manufacturer Case Study (ScanTRAK Laser Scanner)

A Tier 1 Automotive Manufacturer increases its first-pass inspection rate by 30% using the ScanTRAK laser scanner.

Convertible Car

NDI’s customer is a leading Tier 1 automotive manufacturer supplier with hundreds of manufacturing, product development and sales centers across five continents. They design, develop and produce automotive systems, assemblies, modules and components primarily for manufacturers of cars and light trucks. One such assembly involved the manufacture of a folding rooftop for a convertible automobile.

  • The Challenge:  The customer must ensure the rooftop aligns precisely with the windshield and car door windows as it folds and unfolds. Hard gauges and probes were used for quality inspection, but were inaccurate for flexible parts such as rubber seals. This resulted in high failure and rework rates for first-pass assembly.
  • The Requirement:  The customer needed to be able to accurately perform non-contact inspection, and to reposition the rooftop as needed for immediate in-line part rework. This would allow for alignment corrections before the rooftop reached the final quality check at the end of the line.
  • The Solution: The ScanTRAK handheld 3D laser scanner allows the customer to measure the rooftop alignment and compare the results against CAD specifications in real time. Part repositioning occurs directly at the inspection cell, saving production costs, and increasing first-pass acceptance rates by 30%.

Learn how NDI increased part assembly accuracy and throughput consistency to reduce costs and improve production yield for this leading Tier 1 automotive manufacturer supplier.