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NDI Introduces New Software Platform for Polaris® and Aurora® Tool Definition and Characterization

Cygna-6D™ Surpasses its Predecessor with an Improved Architecture and UX

Cygna-6D LogoWaterloo, Ontario – June 14, 2021 – NDI (Northern Digital Inc.), a world-leading innovator and manufacturer of optical measurement and electromagnetic tracking solutions for the medical device industry, is pleased to announce the release of its new software package for tool definition and characterization: Cygna-6D™.

As the successor to NDI 6D Architect™, Cygna-6D preserves the core functionality of NDI 6D Architect—tool definition and characterization—while making it easier to access and complete those functions. Cygna-6D is built on a scalable architecture that enables the development of progressively more sophisticated tool characterization techniques.

The Cygna-6D interface design has been simplified and its navigation has been streamlined for a more efficient user experience (UX). The number of steps to complete a software task has been reduced, with core menu options and software features now accessed from a single intuitive main window instead of multiple dialogue boxes or the previous Wizard tool.

At a functional level, Cygna-6D has new and updated features that will improve the ease and flexibility of Polaris and Aurora tool definition and characterization processes. Users can now digitize individual tool points via a tracked probe; define a local coordinate system via a reference tool; and load and visualize 3D models of tools. Cygna-6D will additionally maintain backward compatibility with existing tool definition files.

These features are supported by an updated built-in contextual Help tool. When called up, the contextual Help tool will suggest targeted topics based on the active dialogue box – the right help topic is available when and where it’s needed.

With its redesigned interface, new architecture, and improved user experience, Cygna-6D not only surpasses its predecessor but introduces a robust software foundation on which NDI can build for years to come. NDI customers can download Cygna-6D from the NDI Support Site.