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NDI to Equip Medical Simulator OEMs with the First Training Needle of its Kind to Feature Tip-Tracking and Deflection Visualization

Medical OEMs can enhance the skills development offered by simulator and trainers with true-to-life needle tracking, now achievable with the 3D Guidance® Training Needle.

3D Guidance Training NeedleWaterloo, Ontario – March 8, 2021 – NDI (Northern Digital Inc.), a world-leading innovator and manufacturer of optical measurement and electromagnetic tracking solutions for the medical industry, continues to bring exciting product advancements to OEM medical simulators and trainers with the global release of the 3D Guidance Training Needle. The 3D Guidance Training Needle is an 18-gauge,
110 mm length reusable titanium needle with a micro electromagnetic sensor embedded at its tip.

This product innovation offers medical simulation OEMs the ability to enhance the skills development of future clinicians through needle-tip tracking and deflection visualization capabilities. Tracking the tip’s actual position allows the needle’s depth and trajectory to be continually visualized from inside the OEM phantom, even if the needle flexes. Deflection visualization displays how much the needle has deviated from its insertion path to the virtualized target (simulated treatment site), so that the trainee can course-correct accordingly. It can also provide visual cues to help the trainee determine how much force to apply during puncture.

Used in conjunction with the 3D Guidance electromagnetic tracking solution, the 3D Guidance Training Needle can be used for OEM training for needle insertion and targeting techniques for clinical procedures such as renal biopsies, TAP blocks, cordocentesis, and spinal epidurals. The 3D Guidance Training Needle features tracking performance that is comparable to OEM image-guided surgery systems – high measurement accuracy and low system latency enable precise needle targeting of small treatment areas. The 3D Guidance Training Needle’s gauge and length are common to many clinical procedures; this commonality allows immediate integration into OEM training applications. However, custom needle sizes are available for various customization and integration options.

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