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Optical Measurement

Polaris Vega ST

Enable new OEM surgical instrument tracking and navigation applications with this versatile optical measurement solution that can be used in almost any operative environment.

Polaris Vega VT

Envision new possibilities in OEM surgical tool tracking and navigation with the industry’s first optical tracker to combine live HD video and infrared (IR) tracking.

Polaris Vega XT

Break new ground in OEM surgical tool tracking and navigation applications with the optical measurement solution that can provide fast, accurate tracking for emerging robotic-assisted procedures.

Polaris Vicra

Bring exceptional measurement accuracy and reliability to confined tracking areas with our compact optical tracker: Polaris Vicra.

Radix Lens

A wipeable retro-reflective lens for use with optical measurement applications.

Passive Marker Sphere

Choose from two passive marker spheres, each with a special retro-reflective surface that consists of tens of thousands of microbeads to reflect IR light during tracking.

Electromagnetic Tracking


Our premier electromagnetic tracking solution, which combines unrivalled measurement accuracy and expert customization for the most intricate OEM interventional applications.

Aurora Field Generators

Five different field generators provide versatile options for generating a measurement volume that is optimized to application workflows and the operative space.

Aurora Sensors & Tools

A full suite of customizable 5DOF and 6DOF sensors can be seamlessly integrated into the smallest OEM medical instruments for use in the most complex tracking applications.

3D Guidance

Our quality electromagnetic tracking solution, which features ready-to-integrate solution components and sensors for rapid OEM product development and time to market.

3D Guidance® Transmitters

Two transmitter sizes are available for use in a diverse range of OEM tracking applications, from ultrasound probe tracking to guided needle biopsies.

3D Guidance® Sensors

Five different 6DOF sensor options are available for flexible integration into numerous OEM medical instruments and tracking applications.